This is actually disgusting. Forcing a child who doesn’t know any better to do something just because you believe in it. No child should be made to wear Crocs in public please stop this.

I was about to get angry


the only thing i never question buying is shoes

White people: Remember 911
White people: Remember the Holocaust
White people: Remember The Alamo
White people: Remember the American Revolution
White people: Remember Pearl Harbor
White people: Slavery? Come on are you still stuck on that? It's time to move on that was yearsssssss ago no one cares anymore




Yo! my wifey better twerk while scrambling my eggs lol (NOTE- remember Katie from My Wife & Kids? well this is her grown up! Parker McKenna Posey)

im going to reblog this as many times as possible


My godd
When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it.
Caitlyn Siehl  ( )
me: im going to start making drastic, life altering changes to my life
me: *changes avi*

Alcohol is a wonderful thing and I seem to have forgotten that in the past weeks.

I look aesthetically pleasing and I love it. I might take a picture later.